Tráiganme la cabeza de Alfredo García

by Possuídos

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    EP (2011) - Tráiganme la cabeza de Alfredo García. (Acompanha tambem as musicas do segundo EP)


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  • Onze anos compilados em um cd. Toda a discografia do Possuídos lançada pela Burning London Records ( em 2016. Foto da capa da discografia por Renato Dsgtt (, fotos da banda por Júlia Lego ( e Daiana Arcanjo. Direção de arte e projeto gráfico por Junior Cruz (

    O cd pode ser adquirido diretamente no site da Burning London ( / discografia)


    Eleven years compiled into a CD. Launched by the Burning London Records ( in 2016. Cover photo by Renato Dsgtt (, band photos by Julia Lego ( and Daiana Arcanjo. Art direction and graphic design by Junior Cruz (

    The CD can be purchased directly at the Burning London label ( /



    Companheiro de dias malditos - 9 de abril de 2015
    1. CS (01:41)
    2. Is it okay to quit? (01:17)
    3. . (00:10)
    4. Eu indutivo (02:09)
    5. Vítimas (01:31)
    6. 87’ (01:03)
    7. Politics 21 (01:38)
    8. Dolores (02:32)

    Tráiganme la cabeza de Alfredo García - 14 de dezembro de 2011
    9. Last breath before coma (00:53)
    10. Sweating blood like a good man (01:17)
    11. Grey man (01:50)
    12. Drowning in flames... refers to being in hell (00:55)
    13. At terror street and agony way (01:34)
    14. Helpless (Mission Impossible cover) (02:36)

    Brutti, sporchi e cattivi - 2 de fevereiro de 2010
    15. Vivo ou preferencialmente morto (01:13)
    16. The man who laughs (00:48)
    17. Shoot the living, pray for the dead (01:29)
    18. A lei do ódio e da vingança (01:22)
    19. Porque nós gostamos de Legião (01:55)

    When the truth comes out - 10 de outubro de 2005
    20. When the truth comes out (01:45)
    21. Day by day (01:59)
    22. Bored (02:33)
    23. Laws and rights in nature freedom (01:17)
    24. Best friend (01:49)
    25. My ex favorite problem (01:25)
    26. [sem título] (01:06)
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3ª EP - 2011


Flávio - Vocal
Bruno C. - Vocal
Marcos - Guitarra
Cristiano - Baixo
Bruno R. - Bateria

Participação na 2ª voz em Last breath before coma e Helpless (Mission Impossible cover) - Luciana


released December 14, 2011

Mixagem, gravação e masterização por Fabrício Galvani no Estúdio Casa Antiga (




Possuídos Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hardcore/Punk, sem apresentação. A filosofia dos Possuídos diz que uma boa música de 2 minutos pode virar uma excelente música de 60 segundos depois de cortado tudo que é desnecessário.
Hardcore/Punk, no introduction. Possuídos’ philosophy dictates that 2 minutes of good music becomes 60 seconds of great music after chipping away unnecessary bits.
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Track Name: Last breath before coma
No one knows my name / without identity
I still hear the noise calling me out today / Down into the ground
I still hear the sound of millions needles / cutting my skin
Don’t come and lie about my sanity

Hey you wait for me I need see again / the Sun on the skyline
This is my last wish before scape / from myself again
I swear I’ll keep my mouth shut forever / without doing the same mistakes
And so I will walk amongst the crows / and watch their silence
Track Name: Sweating blood like a good man
I was living successive frustrations
with the approaching death
deep scars, marks the soul.
my eyes were full of anger
the scars, on my head
in my blood, my veins were also suffering
my living way, my way in death

…in old times
you thought I was gone
but I'm back
and I don’t give a shit about you
and your life
and now I’m running
to recover and get up
i don't wanna know
Track Name: Grey man
He woke up the five o' clock and work all the day
Don't remember where it came from or why go your way
Drink coffe and catch the bus after three cigarettes
he sits and listens yours songs remembering the same old places

Grey man
The memories are lost thrown the way
don't know what to do
because the time is not the same

Your time has not come back to the good old days
His friends have followed different ways
and each piece of memory kept in a box in your room
represents what you would like to be

Grey man
what matters most is how
well you walk
through the fire in the way
Track Name: Drowning in flames...refers to being in hell
hey you! sit and listen to what I say
look at me and shut your mouth
calm down and turn around

as another weak
you're a liar
You're a fucking

blood trickling down the sink
a broken mirror
how do I explain?

my wrist burns my fingers broke
I can not think

I .......don't..............want................
her passion,
her compassion,
her pain